Dacorum Foodbank - Do the supermarket sweep and help people in need

The Dacorum Foodbank, based in Hemel Hempstead, provides emergency food and support to local people in crisis and is The Fitness Society's latest fundraising initiative. We know, from the backing you have all provided for Billy's Wish to date, that you enjoy helping others. By supporting The Dacorum Foodbank, we hope to provide you with a really easy, practical way to assist people in our own area, without having to dig too deep.

So how can I help? It's simple really. Ironically for a gym, we're asking you to buy more food, not less, when you go to the supermarket. Then, the next time you visit the gym, just bring an in-date, non-perishable food item with you, a tin of beans or packet of pasta for example, then hand it into reception.

We'll then do the legwork, by taking the food over to the Dacorum Foodbank in Hemel, for distribution once a month.

Dacorum Foodbank What will happen to my donated food? Volunteers at the Foodbank will then sort the food into boxes ready to be given to people in need. Foodbank clients are identified by frontline care professionals like doctors and health visitors - so you can rest assured it's going to the really needy. The clients can exchange a Foodbank voucher for three days' worth of emergency food and the volunteers will signpost the clients to agencies able to solve their longer term problems.

If you think your work out is hard enough without having to lug heavy tins to the gym, you can always show your support by giving a donation instead. Simply follow this link:


Thanks for helping us to support our local charities,

we know that they really appreciate it.