Don’t get driven to destruction with an injury! Stay sane by using the Rehabilitation and Assessment Clinic

We all know how frustrating and debilitating an injury can be. Staying at home with a packet of biscuits and wallowing in self-pity might be tempting for some, but not for gym member Ray Hardy.

Ray & SteveRay had been driven mad by a painful knee for too long, so he decided to do something proactive about his injury and give our Rehabilitation and Assessment Clinic a go. Here's what he had to say about it:

'I thought I would write to say that I attended one of the "Rehab Clinic" sessions that are now running at the gym and to let you know that I am very glad I did.

My right knee was causing me pain and the rehab team suggested that the problem was associated with misalignment, "wear and tear" and possibly a cartilage tear.

Since then I have had x-rays and MRI scans, which have confirmed the diagnosis almost identically in line with the one I got at the rehab clinic.

The consultant surgeon I saw said he was very impressed that the rehab clinic had got the diagnosis so close to perfect, without the benefits of the MRI scans he had to look at.

He was clear in saying that the advice I received at the rehab clinic, had almost certainly saved me from further damaging the knee joint, which would then have resulted in me needing surgery.

I have been given a specific training program to strengthen the muscles that help with knee alignment, which I will now use when training at the gym, as well as a list of those exercises that must not be undertaken.

So, many thanks to the rehab team at the fitness society and I hope many more members use the facility.'

As you know, rest and recovery are often the most important factors to consider when you've got an injury - but it is possible to keep your fitness levels up despite being injured and come back stronger, fitter and ready for action! Conversely, doing the wrong training with an injury can make it worse in the long term. The key is getting the right advice, which is why we would love more members to take advantage of the Rehabilitation and Assessment Clinic.

The clinic runs from 3.15pm - 4pm on a Friday afternoon. Simply pre-book your place at reception. You will then meet our specialist team including rehabilitation and functional therapy experts, as well as a massage therapist. The team will analyse your walking and running style, carry out core and spinal testing and give you advice on specific exercises.

Don't suffer in silence - use the Rehabilitation and Assessment Clinic and, like Ray, you'll soon be on track to recovery!

If you want to know more just ask in the gym, or click here for more details.