Locker Spaces

Quite a number of people have commented that they felt there was quite often a locker shortage in both of the changing rooms. We've looked at the situation, and have found that the problem isn't caused because there are not enough lockers - but because people either forget to leave the key behind - or would like to 'reserve' a locker for their personal use.

Unfortunately, we just haven't got enough lockers for that situation to continue, so we will be implementing a solution that will benefit everyone. In a few weeks time, we are going to change the locks on ALL of the lockers

The new locks are fitted with a digital keypad lock that will require you to enter a simple 4 digit code to operate - this is a one use code and once you have opened the locker after your workout - a new code will be required.

To make sure that there is enough locker space for everyone; ALL the locks will be programmed to open after 4 hours - giving you enough time to have a workout, sauna, sunbed, shower, coffee, chat and whatever else you wish to do.

HOWEVER - please be aware that any sweaty stuff left behind in 'reserved' lockers will be kept for a period of 30 days, and then donated to a local charity.