Congratulations To Ben and Rosie

Many congratulations To Ben and Rosie on tying the knot in Vegas last month. We are sure you'll agree that, out of the sweaty gym kit and blood-soaked medical garb, they scrub-up well by the poolside! Never known to rest on his laurels though, we are surprised that Ben wasn't tempted to dive into the water for some swim-fit training, having now set himself the challenge of an Olympic triathlon in September.

But first things first, how did Ben get on with his pre-nuptial targets? Back in January he may not have had as much post-Christmas 'insulation' to lose as the rest of us. Ben nevertheless set himself the task of dropping body fat and fine-tuning his muscles in readiness for his wedding day.

Left to their own devices, even gym owners like to slip into their comfort zones. It's really easy to get into the same habits and not keep pushing yourself unless you have a training partner or PT who can help you see the bigger picture. So Ben's fitness programme with Paul Rose really paid dividends, pushing Ben in each training session to continually challenge him, starting with general conditioning workouts and working up to CrossFit style training in the final weeks before the wedding.

The results

"Even I was blown away with what we managed to achieve together!" says Paul, "Ben lost 6.7kg of fat, that's equivalent to over 24 packets of butter! What's more, his lean body mass increased by the same amount, meaning his body fat percentage reduced to just 10%"

"It's not just about weights and measures though, says Ben, "My increased fitness means that I'm feeling so much healthier, I don't feel tired all the time and I have managed to knock over two minutes off my CrossFit workout, which I'm really proud of!" - Click here to watch my CrossFit Workout video

Avoiding the surgeon's knife was perhaps one of the most remarkable achievements of the training plan though, as Ben explains, "Overdoing wakeboarding and basketball had left me with damage to the rotator cuff on my shoulder. By doing isolation work on the surrounding muscles, I have managed to build them up and generally strengthen my shoulder joint, to such an extent that I have managed to postpone and perhaps even avoid an operation altogether."

So, what's next?

Summer Loving

"I can't stress how important it is to set yourself targets if you want to maintain and improve your own fitness levels," says Ben. "Rosie and I are going on honeymoon soon, so what better motivation than that can I have to keep fit and look good?"

Paul and Ben will be picking up where they left off before the wedding, training together for an hour twice a week concentrating on muscle building and fat loss through weights work and CrossFit style circuit workouts.

Chain reaction

Fat loss has inevitably meant Ben cutting out some of the 'naughty' foods like refined sugars and saturated fats, while focusing on eating whole-foods, getting his five a day and upping intake of lean protein like chicken, turkey and fish. Ben will also continue to take Branch Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) supplements, which provide the body with vital amino acids that can't be produced in the body and aid protein synthesis - helping build lean muscle tissue.

"The supplements have really complemented my training regime. The amount of exercise I've been doing lately has warranted the use of protein supplements." But Ben urges caution, "I would always recommend that if you are thinking about taking supplements yourself, ask the advice of a trainer first so you get exactly what you require and don't end up taking in unnecessary calories through shakes and drinks you don't need."


The dust won't have time to settle after the honeymoon before Ben gets into training for his first triathlon. He may be fit , but as a tri-novice, preparing for the race will require three months of training, involving early mornings and long workouts and as the date creeps up, training will become all-consuming, involving some serious priority juggling.

In the next blog we'll tell you about the sports specific training Paul and Ben have planned to get through the 1500m swim, 40k cycle and 10k run

Good luck with that one Ben!