Getting back on track… - Phil is human - like the rest of us!

A really bad chest infection in the run-up to Christmas wasn't the most auspicious start to keeping on top of a festive training regime. Watching what you eat over Christmas can hit home and combined with feeling unwell, Phil found not turning to food very hard. But ill-health and festive food temptations aside, rather like a terrier with its' favourite toy, Phil has not given up on his fitness goals!

The January return to the gym felt like starting over - but Phil has the force of personality to be honest about his Christmas hiccup and is determined not to admit defeat.

Shopping List

Personal Trainers make sacrifices too. Instead of hitting the Oxford Street sales, I made a trip to the local supermarket with Phil, in our bid for him to drive forward with his nutrition and healthy eating plan. Clad with blinkers to avoid the cut-price mince pies and Christmas cake, together we were able to look at how Phil can make the right food choices - ones that will work for him at home and in the office.

Beach ready

Phil's family and work colleagues are backing him every step of the way and I am so proud of how he has coped with the challenges he is facing on a daily basis.

The weight loss and fitness goals we set for Phil are still achievable and he has already started flicking through the Summer holiday brochures, with his sights set on some seaside family fun later in the year!