Steve is enjoying his workouts - week three update

"It's week three and he's has really hit the ground running!", says Personal Trainer, Paul Malekos in his first update on the progress of new member Steve, who began his fitness quest last month. "Steve's already noticed a loss of fat tissue from his face, back of the neck, waist and chest. Crucially, he no longer gets his daily migraines, allowing him to rest and recover a lot better, think more clearly and reduce the amount of stress hormones floating around his body!"

"Steve is enjoying his workouts with his fitness, muscular endurance and mobility improving every week. Strength and power movements are now being introduced which I think he'll excel at due to his genetics, body shape and rugby background. He's still slipping in the odd jäger bomb and beer most weekends together with an occasional cig but I don't mind much, considering how well he's doing with everything else...he has to keep it real. I am excited with his progress so far! Let's see what the numbers are going to be like next week."