Steve reaches for new heights

Earlier this month, new gym member, Steve, began his journey to health and wellbeing. We will be tracking his progress over the forthcoming weeks in a series of blogs.

"Snowdon, here I come!"

Steve reaches for new heights as he begins his 12 week PT training programme with Paul Malekos

SteveAsk Steve what motivates him to join the gym, embarking on a total lifestyle change and his answer comes readily, "I can't keep up with the kids anymore!" Many of us have high stress jobs and Steve is no exception. Being Assistant Principal of a secondary school, a Dad to three fast-growing children and husband to an equally energetic marathon-running wife, has left Steve with little or no time to think about his health.

"But the crunch came when I started playing 5-aside with other Dads from my son's football team and I was left heaving after five minutes," he says. "Enough is enough, I need to prioritise. My whole family is sporty - I want to be able to have a kick-about with the kids, go running with my wife - and every year I take children from my school to Wales and while they climb Snowdon, I stick to supervising the younger ones doing the donkey rides! Next year I want to be at the top of the mountain too."

'Serial gym member'

Steve describes himself as a 'serial gym member', having paid a monthly direct debit for most of his life, for the pleasure of, well… not going to the gym. So, what is going to be different about The Fitness Society?

"I don't want to let anyone down this time, so I'm taking the bull by the horns in the form of a Personal Trainer. I hire a mechanic to mend my car and an accountant to advise me on my tax bill, so it makes perfect sense to pay a Personal Trainer to help me to improve my health."

Enter Paul Malekos…

With a degree under his belt in Sport and Exercise Science and working on an MSc in Nutritional Therapy, Paul will be supporting Steve on his journey to health and wellbeing.

We often talk about great sporting, fitness and exercise achievements emerging from individuals, but this misses the point - the hours of hard work put in under the influence of a motivational trainer. Great trainers are able to constantly encourage their pupils and inspire them to reach their potential…and beyond!

With three sessions a week booked-in with Paul for the next 12 weeks, together with a fully supportive flag-waving family at home, Steve will certainly be getting the stimulation he needs.

Dispelling the myths

Paul starts all his new clients' programmes with a 'getting to know you' Health Check session. "I need to know what Steve is capable of now, dispel any exercise and nutrition myths and set realistic, achievable targets for him to aim for."

Carbohydrates seem to have become the enemy recently, thanks to highly publicised fad-diets which promise dramatic weight loss. While these promises are not empty, the scales are soon tipping in the wrong direction again without a healthy balance of the food groups. Steve is working on reducing (but not eliminating) fats, increasing his wholegrain consumption, decreasing his reliance on processed foods and eating natural foods. "Pies and pints are just occasional treats now!" says Steve.

Laying the foundations

For Steve, his body is his temple at the moment. Like any revered building the foundations are the most important bit. Paul will be working with Steve to lay the physical foundations - muscular, cardio and strength, making him more of an all-round athlete while supporting him psychologically.

Reaching the summit

SteveHis health check with Paul went really well, "I felt like I was losing weight as I walked out of the door! It's a holistic all-round approach and I feel so motivated!" But, having well and truly nailed his colours to the mast by going public on his fitness plans, what targets has Paul set for Steve to help him realise his goals and does he have any rewards planned on the way?

"Steve is already pretty strong; once we have developed his all-round fitness I anticipate him having lost a stone and be doing pull-ups and bodyweight dips by Christmas."

Having such an accomplished runner in the family, Steve is also keen to follow in the footsteps of his wife, "I think I'll leave the marathons to the expert for now, but Paul thinks I'll be ready for a 10k by the end of my twelve week programme." As the weight drops, Steve is also planning to reward himself with a new wardrobe. "Clothes manufacturers think fat people want to be frumpy. You can't get nice clothes for big guys. I'm really looking forward to buying nice clothes that fit!" …it sounds like Steve's Mrs might want to be running off with the credit cards next time she pulls her trainers on!

The numbers never lie…

Steve's been a great sport and allowed us to go public with his vital statistics! We'll be providing updates on his progress over the next few weeks. Please support him if you see him in the gym! Track his story on Facebook by liking us on our Facebook page.

Steve's stats 12-11-12

 Weight 112.6kg 
 Fat 38.6% 
 Waist 126cm 
 Hip 124cm 
 Blood pressure 113/81 
 Resting H.R 75 
 Force vital capacity 4.1 
 Peak flow 5.1 
 Grip strength L 62 R 67 
 Sit and reach 5cm

If you want details on how Paul could help you too, take a look at his profile