Steve's 'End of Term Report'

'Could do better' does not feature in Steve's latest update from Personal Trainer, Paul Malekos. 'Fantastic attitude to his work', 'dedicated' and 'committed' spring to mind, take a look at his stats which speak for themselves:

After just four weeks and 12 sessions of training

  • Steve has lost over a stone of fat whilst gaining approximately 4lb of muscle!
  • He has gone from 112.6 kg (17.7 Stone) to 105 kg (16.5 stone) in weight.
  • His waist has reduced from 125cm (49.2inches) to 113cm (44.5inch)
  • Steve's hip circumference has decreased from 124cm (48.8 inches) to 116cm (44.5 inches)
  • Steve has tons more energy and it's very satisfying to hear he suffers from almost "no more headaches"

And this is just the beginning…

Please remember to lend Steve some support if you see him in the gym, especially with all the festive treats which are sent to tempt us at this time of the year!