Three months on and over three stone lighter

We check-in with Steve as his fitness programme with Paul Malekos nears its' end.

Steve has come to the end of his three month training programme with PT Paul Malekos and the result? The kebab shops of Watford risk going out of business!

The change in Steve is so significant that, when catching-up with him, as he shares a post-workout smoothie with trainer Paul, it's easy to mistake him for a different man. Steve agrees, "You would never have caught me drinking one of these three months ago! I would have been more likely to have grabbed a kebab and chips on the way home from work. I just don't want that sort of thing anymore."

Steve's before and after pictureWith 36 training sessions under his (significantly tightened) belt, Steve can't believe how much better he is feeling. Having lost a massive 3.5 stone of fat, gained 0.5 stone of muscle, reduced his body fat percentage by 12%, decreased his resting heartbeat to a healthy 63bpm and considerably reduced his chances of suffering from heart disease, cancer or diabetes, it's no wonder he feels on top of the world!

Fuel for change

Three pretty hardcore workouts each week, have seen Steve's strength increase from not being able to do any pull-ups in week one to 8 now and he's gone from 7 push-ups to thirty - but it is the change in Steve's diet that Paul believes has helped Steve achieve such dramatic results.

"Steve has been so enthusiastic while he's been working with me and willing to try anything. So much so that when I explained the science behind the benefit of a adopting a specialised nutritional therapy programme, Steve was willing to give it a go for three months," explains Paul. Now, Steve has become quite an expert on the subject and is more likely wax lyrical about the benefits of chia seeds and wheat grass, than pizza and kebabs.

"I've learned so much about the fuel that needs to go into my body. I start my day with a vegetable and fruit smoothie and have eaten my five a day before I've even left the house!" says Steve.

Life is no longer a headache

Debilitating migraines are also another thing Paul has managed to knock on the head. The only painkillers he has had to take have been to cure self-induced hangovers…..evidently Steve is only human, and not yet ready to ditch all his vices!

Sleep is also coming easier for Steve too. After a stressful day in his job as an Assistant Principal, he used to toss and turn worrying about work. Now that Steve finds time to throw a workout into the mix, his body is exhausted enough to let his brain shut down too, the result - he sleeps like a baby.

Reaching three summits

As well as achieving a 10k and a spending spree on some tailored clothes, conquering Snowdon was one of Steve's ambitions for the end of his programme. One summit is not enough any longer though, instead Steve is in serious talks with some mates about the possibility of doing the Three Peaks Challenge for charity.

Perhaps the goal Steve is most pleased to achieve though is being able to keep up with the kids and he now plays 5-aside football with other Dads, without feeling he needs to be stretchered off before half time! "I enjoyed being a hatric-hero last week and it's the other guys who are diving to the ground for a break!" he says, proudly.

Three cheers for the family!

"As well as the kids crashing about, I'm now woken daily by the sound of the blender and I know that's my wife preparing breakfast smoothies," says Steve. It's obvious that the whole family have been such a huge support to him over the last few months. But the best bit? "Getting a proper cuddle from the children - they couldn't reach their hands around my waist before, but now their hands fit around me for a full on bear-hug!"

Full speed ahead

So, what now? Steve doesn't intend to pack up his kit bag and give-in to the comfort of the sofa, but will be booking in with Paul for weekly sessions as well as heading to the gym by himself. "I really couldn't have done this without Paul, when I didn't believe I could do it, he reassured me and I've achieved so much more that I thought I ever would - a PT is a must for me now."