Tabata classes in Berkhamsted

Tabata classes in Berkhamsted

Tabata: the four-minute exercise programme that builds muscles and stamina.

Created by founder Izumi Tabata to train Japan's Olympic skating team, this method uses interval training to alternate brief, high intensity sprints with shorter rest periods.

Change yourself with Tabata

It's a simple strategy, and anyone can do it. Push yourself for a twenty second burst of exercise at maximum energy, followed by ten seconds to rest and recover, then repeat. Treadmill, exercise bike, floor work and weight training are just a few of the possibilities. Choose the same exercise each time, or ring the changes. Eight rounds of thirty seconds each, and you're done.

This technique has been shown to have the same positive effects on cardio fitness as a more traditional, longer session of aerobic exercise, with the added bonus of anaerobic, fat-burning properties. Used as part of your exercise routine, it can be a powerful weapon in the fight for fitness.

Stretch yourself back into shape in Berkhamsted

Tabata sets are completed in 4 minutes and falls under the category of high intensity interval training. It offers more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercises, as well as being short and efficient. The basic tabata training method is as follows:

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